Thursday November 30, 2023

Taylor Swift joins Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds' daughter Inez's 7th birthday bash

Taylor Swift, Bradley Cooper, and Emily Blunt attend Inez Reynolds' 7th birthday party

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October 01, 2023
Taylor Swift joins as VIP guest Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds to celebrate Inezs birthday.
Taylor Swift joins as VIP guest Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds to celebrate Inez's birthday.

Taylor Swift added her star power to a special birthday celebration for her close friend Blake Lively and her husband Ryan Reynolds' daughter, Inez. 

Taylor who is currently dating NFL star Travis Kelce, made a stylish statement in a slightly oversized navy sweater paired with a chic pleated plaid mini skirt.

She rocked a pair of black shades and adorned her lips with a peach-toned lipstick. Not one to shy away from making a fashion statement, Taylor completed her look with edgy black combat boots.

As the festivities wrapped up, Swift was spotted exiting a venue in the trendy Tribeca neighborhood, alongside the birthday girl's parents, Blake and Ryan. 

Ice Spice's unlikely friendship with Taylor Swift ignites music scene

Ice Spice, has become one of the industry's biggest sensations, what made her presence so unforgettable was her proximity to none other than Taylor Swift, who had enlisted Ice Spice for a remix of her track Karma, released in May. 

In an email conversation with Variety, Swift expressed her admiration for the rising rapper, highlighting the qualities that drew her to Ice Spice. 

Swift noted, "I relate to Ice in many ways, but I think her dedication and focus is what blew me away from the very start." 

She went on to praise Ice Spice's professionalism, noting that it doesn't come across as cold but rather as a testament to her commitment.