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Prince Harry - boon or bane for King Charles?

King Charles has been warned of losing support if he cuts all ties with his son Prince Harry

By Web Desk
September 29, 2023
Prince Harry - boon or bane for King Charles?
Prince Harry - boon or bane for King Charles?

King Charles seems to be indecisive about his estranged son Prince Harry's future with the royal family even if the Duke and his wife Meghan Markle have caused much trouble for the Firm with their allegations and claims about the senior royals since they stepped down and relocated to the US in 2020.

King Charles, who has not removed the Duke as Counsellor of State for him yet, disallowed the disgruntled royal to stay in the Windsor Castle during Harry's recent visit to the UK for a charity event on the eve of the late Queen's first anniversary of death.

The King's move sparked reactions from royal fans and experts, with some speculating that the monarch has decided to teach a lesson to Harry and Meghan, and would soon strip them of their royal titles.

Prince Harry - boon or bane for King Charles?

While, a PR expert has warned the King that Charles would "lose a lot of support" if he shuns Harry and does not offer him a UK residence.

"I think it is wise for King Charles not to make any bold statements like removing Harry as a Counsellor of State," PR expert Luana Ribeira told Express US.

She continued: "With the addition of Anne and Edward, it simply isn’t necessary and while he may be the monarch, he is still also a father. Harry could be viewed as something of a prodigal son and I think Charles would lose a lot of public support if he shunned his son rather than welcoming him back with open arms."

It is to mention here that Meghan Markle's husband Harry is still a Counsellor of State for his father even though he is not a working royal and lives in Montecito with his wife and children.

However, Meghan and Harry's claims and allegations against some senior royals in their interviews, Netflix series and the Duke's memoir Spare have given birth to a question whether Harry is a boon or bane for King Charles or the royal Family?