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Every time Taylor Swift proved she’s Sagittarius woman

Taylor Swift was born on December 13, 1989 in Nashville in US, and is a famous Sagittarius woman

By Riba Jawaid
September 21, 2023

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Taylor Swift, whose every moment becomes a headline and every song wins the internet, is said to be the most loved music icon after the late King of Pop Michael Jackson, is born with a Sagittarius zodiac on December 13, 1989.

It took the Anti-Hero hit maker nearly 21 years to make her name in the American pop industry, with back to back hit tours, albums and single tracks since her career’s first breakthrough at 17.

However, Swift’s mesmerizing music and magical voice are not her only superpowers with which she has attracted a global fan base popularly known as Swifties, her divine aura, charismatic presence, bubbly nature has also played a major role to make her everyone’s favorite.

The Midnights songstress is seemingly a core Sagittarius woman at heart, which often reflects in her personality.

A Sagittarius woman personality traits includes, passion, confidence, hard-work, care, gratitude, sarcasm and humor, which are notably present in the Gorgeous singer.

Read on to find out how Taylor Swift proved she perfectly encapsulates her astrological sign.

Taylor Swift as best friend:

Every time Taylor Swift proved she’s Sagittarius woman

The Lover songstress has proven herself as an amazing friend; in particular her longtime friendship with Selena Gomez is goals.

Both pop artists Gomez and Swift often treat fans with a peek into their bond with adorable posts on their respective Instagram accounts.

Swift has always been a supportive friend, not only for the Wolves singer but other artists from the industry also get along with the Lavender Haze crooner. Such as the likes of Bronx singer Ice Spice, Shawn Mendes, Sabrina Carpenter, Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively and more.

Taylor Swift is life of the party:

Every time Taylor Swift proved she’s Sagittarius woman

The London Boy crooner becomes life of the party in a jiffy. She tends to make the most of her presence, just like her designated zodiac sign.

Most recently at VMAs 2023, Taylor Swift stole the spotlight, not only for smashing records with nine awards in one night, but also for how she partied hard at the mega music event.

In the widely shared videos of MTV VMAs on X, formerly Twitter, Swift was seen dancing and singing like nobody is watching and enjoyed herself to the fullest.

Taylor Swift's net worth:

Every time Taylor Swift proved she’s Sagittarius woman

Taylor Swift is the biggest example of a financially independent Sagittarius woman, with her skyrocketing net worth of whopping $780 million, until she finished the US leg of her Eras Tour.

Swift became financially independent at a very young age, as she cracked the code of making money when her song Tim McGraw became a massive hit in 2006.

Taylor Swift as a fashionista:

Every time Taylor Swift proved she’s Sagittarius woman

The Red singer appears to be the style icon everyone should seek inspiration from.

Her signature blood red lipstick, bangs, winged eyeliner and golden locks are enough to make her fans’ hearts pounding a little too fast.

Be it her tours, exotic getaways, girl night outs or fancy dinners, Tay-Tay surely knows how to dress for the occasion.

Taylor Swift's chaotic and unpredictable love-life:

Every time Taylor Swift proved she’s Sagittarius woman

Taylor Swift tends to fall in love very easily. She tends to confuse time being attraction with love, as for her, this feeling is thrilling and exciting.

However, sometimes the fire signs natives regret their decision of rushing into a relationship, so is the case with Swift, who has a long list of ex-boyfriends.

The Blank Space singer, who has had a lengthy list herself, is also known for writing songs about them soon after parting ways with them.

From her first boyfriend, former One Direction alum Harry Styles to her most recent brief romance with The 1975’s front man Matty Healy, Swift always had been through a chaotic love-life.

Her longest relationship with Joe Alwyn came to an end in April, after six long years.

She could not give up on her freedom, fandom and the kind of lifestyle she has, while Alwyn could not reportedly keep up with her fame, as he wanted a private life away from the limelight.

Taylor Swift's witty humor and honesty:

The Karma singer appears to be extremely funny and goofy. She often catches fans' attention for being so candid and real.

Swift loves to take hilarious digs every now and then as made apparent with her light satire and humor which she often narrates during her interviews.

Taylor Swift as a high achiever:

Every time Taylor Swift proved she’s Sagittarius woman

Taylor Swift is known for being highly competent, creative and competitive. She loves to win and excel in every field she steps into.

The Folklore singer has always worked really hard to achieve the success she owns today, she is excelling in her career more than any other artist of her age.

Following her big win at VMAs 2023, Swift becomes the first singer with total 21 awards, dethroning the legendary singer Madonna, who previously had the highest number of VMAs.

Taylor Swift is a romantic with high imagination:

The I Can See You hitmaker as always appears to be deeply romantic with high imaginations.

These traits always reflect in the deep, meaningful and heart touching lyrics of Swifts' songs.

All the love birds, and even the single Swifties can easily dive into the glory of imaginative and poetic depth of her melodies, making them long for love and passion.

Taylor Swift is a cheerleader:

Taylor Swift is never insecure and jealous of others' success and popularity, despite being the most loved and followed artist in the world, Swift whole heartedly cheers for fellow artists and musicians.

This amazing personality trait of the Enchanted singer’s nature was highlighted recently at VMAs where she became a cheerleader for every artist big or small.

Swift made everyone feel equally important, which is a sign of positivity and charisma.

Taylor Swift is an amazing public speaker and philosopher:

Taylor Swift has impeccable public speaking skills. She speaks with clarity and high confidence.

Be it her concerts, public forums or interviews, Swift directly connects with the audience because of the way she holds power with every word.

The Lover singer also possesses a deep philosophical nature as she looks at life with deep meaning. 

Swift gives her fans a new perspective, which makes them connect with the singer on an emotional level.

Taylor Swift stands up for herself:

Taylor Swift does not hold back when it comes to fighting and taking a stand for herself.

The You Belong With Me songstress has already proven this after her former music manager Scooter Braun sold her music to investment firm Shamrock Holdings for a reported $300 million, without the artist’s consent.

Following the dispute, Swift then decided in 2019 to stand up for herself and shared her plans to re-record all of the LPs she released since her 2006’s debut album, Taylor Swift, Fearless, Speak Now, Red, 1989, and Reputation.

Taylor Swift handles humiliation with grace:

Back in 2009, the Cruel Summer singer’s VMA moment was by ruined Kanye West, when she was accepting the Best Video by a Female Artist for her hit song You Belong with Me.

The Donda rapper rushed to the stage and took the moment from Swift, telling the shocked singer, "I'mma let you finish, but Beyoncé had one of the best videos of all time! One of the best videos of all time!”

Later in 2015’s VMAs, Taylor took a dig at the Yeezy founder in her speech, gracefully saying, "I first met Kanye West six years ago… at this show actually. Since then, we’ve had a lot of time to talk about a lot of different things."

"It seemed like everyone in the world knew about our infamous encounter at the VMAs, but something that you may not know is that Kanye West’s album, College Dropout, was the very first album that my brother and I ever bought on iTunes when I was 12 years old."

Thus, it goes without a doubt, that Taylor Swift is a solid Sagittarius woman.