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VIDEO: ‘Grocery Girl’ trends you should try to quirk up your home this fall

TikToker shares her quirky DIY items that have become essentials for the latest "Grocery Girl" fall trend

By Web Desk
September 07, 2023

In this video, TikToker Kaarin Joy shows off her quirky, grocery-inspired items.

TikTok is the leading video-sharing app for setting trends, with millions of new ones emerging every minute. One such trend, the "Grocery Girl" trend, has prompted a new home decor craze, making it difficult to keep up with the constantly changing trends.

"Grocery Girl" fall is transforming the home decor aesthetic for girls worldwide, resembling the "Tomato Girl" summer trend which took over the wardrobes of girls with dresses inspired by the tangy fruit.

However, the Grocery Girl home decor features quirky items inspired by groceries, fruits, veggies, and condiments, which are not new but are no longer seen as shabby.

Instead, it is a style that is being embraced by everyone, including celebrities, well-known businesses, and Gen Z users on TikTok. The search for "food-inspired decorations" has received 666.9 million views on the app, and that number is steadily rising.

The grocery home trend is a mixture of all kinds of items, such as food-shaped candles, the Corn Stool, an Oreo stool and more. But it is not all bright fruit and veggies — people are gravitating toward quirky and unusual items as well, because who would not want a fried-chicken candle or a “cake object“?

TikToker Kaarin Joy, an interior designer, has become a prominent figure in the grocery girl home trend. With 2.1 million followers and 85.4 million likes on her videos, her DIY items inspired a wide range of viewers, according to the New York Post.

She has made things such as an ice cream cone planter a giant which people would never think of, a Cosmic Brownie decoration which is definitely not your typical decoration and much more.

People are sporting food-themed apparel and accessories, such as pasta-print gowns and watermelon purses, as a method to express themselves.

This is because the particular cuisine one chooses to wear is more indicative of a person's personality than stripes or dots. A pair of shrimp cocktail earrings might be just what the doctor ordered.

Additionally, fashion designers are adopting culinary prints. There is also an entire "Edibles" line by Rachel Antonoff, which includes dresses with Aperol spritz motifs, coffee sweaters and pasta patterns.

The Grocery Girl style is the ideal fad to join, whether your goal is to make your home look like your "girl dinner" or just simply to add some flavour to your environment.