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Sarah Ferguson expresses happiness after welcoming 'granny number 3'

Sarah Ferguson speaks about Princess Eugenie welcoming baby number 2

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June 09, 2023
Sarah Ferguson expresses happiness after welcoming granny number 3

Sarah Ferguson is dishing out her feelings after meeting her third grandchild.

The Duchess of York, whose younger daughter, Princess Eugenie, has given birth to her second baby, gushed over the little one during the latest episode of her podcast,

The 63-year-old admitted she was “moved” by Eugenie naming her newborn son Ronnie giving a nod to Sarah's father Major Ronald Ivor Ferguson.

The little baby, whose full name is Ernest George Ronnie Brooksbank, was born on May 30.

The Duchess said: “Well, would you believe, I am a granny number three now.

“He’s a very, very, seriously beautiful little boy. Now of course everybody says that but of course, he is… He’s done very, very well.”

She continued: “And he’s called Ernest George Ronnie. Ernest because George III’s middle name was Ernest and also because it's a fabulous name…

“Then, there is George after Jack’s father and Ronald, Ronnie, after my father.”

The Duchess of York, who is grandmother to daughter Beatrice and Eugenie's kids, revealed her younger child is schedule to give birth by the end of May.

The Duchess told HOLA! TV: "We don’t know what it is yet. But the baby is due by the end of May, I think. So it’s any minute now."

Meanwhile, Fergie also describes herself as the "best granny ever" during one of her previous interview.

The author of 48 childrens' books continued: "I’ve flown helicopters, Budgie, the helicopter, and Little Red. And so, I’m wanting to actually write a book about football now."