Thursday September 28, 2023

Imran Khan sues Abdul Qadir Patel for 'malicious' allegations

PTI chief has served a notice worth Rs10 billion to federal minister

May 30, 2023
Health Minister Abdul Qadir Patel (left) and PTI Chairman Imran Khan. — INP/AFP/File
Health Minister Abdul Qadir Patel (left) and PTI Chairman Imran Khan. — INP/AFP/File 

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan has sued Health Minister Abdul Qadir Patel with a legal notice worth Rs10 billion for levelling "disparaging and malicious" allegations against him.

The minister has been sued on account of the “dissemination and circulation of wrongful, baseless, false, misleading, erroneous, malicious and defamatory information/facts” during a presser held on May 26.

The presser, as per the notice, was watched in Pakistan as well as all over the world through electronic media channels, YouTube, and various other social media platforms, while its details were also published in national and international newspapers.

The notice mentioned that Patel had, through his press conference, falsely, erroneously, dishonestly, unfairly, unethically and maliciously, asserted/alleged that Khan’s medical report indicated excessive alcohol consumption, no information about a fracture on his leg, and unstable mental health.

The PTI chief, in the notice served under Section 8 of the Defamation Ordinance, 2002, has asked Patel to retract his statements, tender an unconditional apology and admission to misstating information, pay Rs10 billion for defaming him and making false allegations, as well as refrain from repeating and making any further defamatory comments and remarks against him in the future.

The notice warns Patel to do the needful within 15 days or else Khan will initiate legal proceedings against him.

“The costs of such proceedings and the risk as to consequences thereof shall be entirely on your account,” the PTI chairman’s notice mentioned.

The money received in defamation, as per the notice, will be donated to the Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Centre.

The notice questioned the minister about the allegations he levelled in the presser including queries on the alleged traces of alcohol consumption in the urine samples and lack of details regarding manhandling and trauma endured by Khan.

“It may be pointed out here that the comments/remarks were made by you knowingly, consciously, willingly, deliberately and maliciously which act is highly irrational and negates the principles of ethics and morals prescribed by all stretch of standards,” details in the notice mentioned.

The PTI chairman’s notice also mentioned that Patel’s remarks and comment are also in violation of the standards and ethics which a cabinet minister must possess and display.

“That you are responsible and liable for the above-said defamatory circulation and dissemination which have caused a loss to the Our Client's good will, injury to his reputation and have adversely affected Our Client's honor. Likewise, you have also caused emotional trauma, mental agony, anguish and distress to Our Client,” stated the notice.

Patel's allegations

The health minister, in a press conference Friday in Karachi, cited details of the former prime minister's medical report and said it indicated excessive alcohol consumption, no information about a fracture on his leg, and unstable mental health.

He said that the report does not have any details about the fracture on his foot, which Khan claimed he sustained following the November 3 assassination bid.

"He [Imran Khan] had a plaster on his foot for about five to six months, however, the medical report did not indicate any fracture," he added.

The minister said that the PTI chief's urine sample was also taken. He said that the initial report showed the presence of toxic elements and the excessive usage of alcohol and cocaine.

He said that the report also mentioned Khan's mental health, according to which, his actions and body language are "not those of a fit man".

"The report stated that a person with stable mental health does not make these kinds of gestures," he said.