Sunday December 10, 2023

Journey unveiled: Elliot Page shares first chapter of 'Pageboy' memoir

Page reflects on his remarkable journey, starting as a Canadian child star, evolving into an Oscar nominee for his role in 'Juno,' and ultimately embracing his true identity as a proud trans man

By Web Desk
May 26, 2023
Journey unveiled: Elliot Page shares first chapter of Pageboy memoir

In an exclusive reveal, actor Elliot Page shares a glimpse into his highly anticipated memoir Pageboy, scheduled for release on June 6. Promising an intimate and introspective narrative, the memoir delves into Page's personal exploration of identity, his experiences as a prominent trans figure.

Many fans fondly remember Page's rise to fame with the 2007 film Juno, a period when he privately grappled with his own identity.

Approaching the release with a mix of excitement and nervousness, the 36-year-old Page confides, "I'm feeling slightly overwhelmed but incredibly grateful."

Speaking exclusively to PEOPLE, he admitted, "I never thought I would write a book. Books, especially memoirs, have had a profound impact on my life, offering me inspiration, solace, and humility. Given the prevailing hatred, misinformation, and outright lies surrounding LGBTQ+ lives and healthcare, I felt it was the right time. Trans and queer stories are frequently scrutinized or, worse, homogenized. So, when I began writing the first chapter of 'Pageboy'—it just flowed out of me, and I couldn't stop."

Page acknowledges that his personal experience does not encompass the diverse reality of most individuals within the trans community. He emphasizes the significance of representation and visibility, stating, "It's crucial; we need to feel seen and find ourselves in narratives. As a child, I didn't have that opportunity. The unfortunate truth is that trans people face disproportionate unemployment, homelessness, and violence, especially trans women of color. Many individuals are losing or unable to access healthcare."

However, Page's own journey has not been without its challenges. "There have undoubtedly been difficult moments. At times, it felt like I barely made it through," he said. "But today, I am simply grateful to be here, alive, and taking one step at a time."

As part of the book tour, Page will commence with an event in New York City on June 6, the day of the memoir's publication. The tour will then proceed to Los Angeles on June 8, followed by stops in San Francisco on June 10, Madison, Wisconsin on June 12, and concluding in Washington, D.C. on June 14.