Friday December 01, 2023

Prince Harry ‘turning restless’ and ‘ready to make final cuts’ from royal phonebook

Prince Harry’s call directory to get ‘major cut off’ after ‘turning majorly restless’

By Web Desk
December 31, 2022

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Prince Harry is reportedly planning on ‘cutting off’ the last of his royal roots.

This warning has been issued by a close confident of the late Princess Diana.

The pal in question, Ms Frank, made admissions to Hello! Magazine.

There, she was quoted saying, “Prince Harry’s stars are lining up in a rollercoaster formation for him through 2023.”

“The rebel planet Uranus is sitting uncomfortably on the most personal angle of his chart and his Moon, signifying further upsets with family, surprise moves and severance with his old life.”

“Harry’s personal world looks far from settled and stable and he’s prepared to make the final cut with his roots.”

“His restlessness is hard to contain, triggering a desire to move home and to continually re-invent himself as independent from the royals.”

“As much as he is the one triggering shock-waves, he is also receiving a wake-up call from those around him. In this cosmic climate his life feels electrically charged and full of change.”