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LIVE updates, day 7: Imran Khan injured as man opens fire near PTI reception camp

Imran Khan was in his container and is reportedly injured; police has arrested the alleged person responsible

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November 03, 2022
PTI Chairman Imran Khan being evacuated in a bulletproof vehicle after a man opened burst fire at his container in Gujranwala, on November 3, 2022. — YouTube Screengrab via Geo News
PTI Chairman Imran Khan being evacuated in a bulletproof vehicle after a man opened burst fire at his container in Gujranwala, on November 3, 2022. — YouTube Screengrab via Geo News

PTI Chairman Imran Khan was injured after a man opened fire at him in Gujranwala near the party's reception camp, sending the nearby participants of the long march into a panic.

The former prime minister sustained injuries on his leg and has been shifted to a hospital for treatment, Geo News reported, however, the location is unknown for safety concerns.

The PTI chairman is leading an anti-government long march toward Islamabad. He earlier said that the protest march will continue for another 10 months till the date for elections is announced. 

Before this announcement, the plan was to reach the federal capital by November 4. It was later revised to November 8-9 and then again revised to November 11. PTI leader Fawad Chaudhry then announced the party will keep changing the dates to "tire the government out".

This is the PTI chair's second march towards Islamabad after he was ousted via a no-confidence motion earlier this year.

The political instability in Pakistan has also fuelled economic uncertainty, with international rating agencies questioning if the current government can maintain difficult economic policies in the face of political pressure and looming elections.

Read on for the latest updates from Pakistan on PTI's long march.

November 3, Thursday

6:47pm — Bullet pierced through Imran Khan’s flesh: sources

PTI Chairman Imran Khan underwent a city scan, hospital sources told Geo News.

As per initial reports, a bullet pierced through Khan’s flesh, however, his bone was safe.

6:38pm — Maryam Nawaz condemns firing on Imran Khan

6:35pm — PML-N supremo Nawaz Sharif prays for all injured, including Imran Khan

6:32pm — Traffic alert! ICT Police informs citizens of alternate routes amid protests

6:27pm — PTI supporters stage protests across Pakistan

6:18pm — WATCH: Suspected attackers’ confession video

The suspected attacker in his initial confession video claimed PTI Chairman Imran Khan was misleading people due to which he attacked the former prime minister.

“I only tried to kill Khan,’ he said, adding that he had planned this since PTI’s long march started from Lahore.

The suspected attacker further revealed that he had no backing and he acted alone.

6:06pm — FM Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari prays for Imran Khan's 'swift recovery'

6:31pm — Imran Khan shifted to Shaukat Khanum Hospital

PTI Chairman Imran Khan has been shifted to Shaukat Khanum Hospital, Lahore, as he was in stable condition after being shot in the foot.

Khan has been leading a march since Friday from the city of Lahore towards the capital, Islamabad, campaigning for fresh elections after being ousted from office in April.

5:58pm — President Alvi condemns 'heinous assassination attempt' on ex-PM

5:50pm — Hammad Azhar gives update on injured

5:48pm — Local PTI leader Ahmed Chattha being operated: Hammd Azhar

5:46pm — Attempted murder': Shireen Mazari blames Rana Sanaullah

5:42pm — Seven injured, one dead brought: DHQ Hospital

Gujranwala DHQ Hospital Medical Superintendent (MS) revealed that following the unfortunate firing incident seven injured and one dead body was brought to the hospital.

The MS further revealed that the all the people who had sustained injuries are out of danger.

5:31pm — WATCH: Imran Khan being evacuated from the place of incident

5:29pm — A bullet hit Imran Khan's shin, PTI spokesperson Fawad Chaudhry says

"Imran Khan and (party colleague) Faisal Javed received bullet wounds. A bullet hit Imran Khan's shin. Both have been taken to hospital for treatment," Chaudhry told Reuters.

Javed, who had blood stains on his clothes, told Geo TV from the hospital that "several of our colleagues are wounded. We heard that one of them is dead".

Meanwhile, Asad Umar told Reuters that "a man opened fire with an automatic weapon.

5:20pm — Imran Khan is 'fine', Faisal Javed claims

Senator and PTI leader Faisal Javed claimed that former prime minister Imran Khan is "fine". 

Speaking to journalists, Javed said that the long march won't stop and "this movement will now continue with renewed spirit."

Raoof Hasan, a senior Khan aide also told AFP that Khan was shot in the foot but he is in stable condition.

"He is in a stable condition," he said, adding: "This was an attempt to kill him, to assassinate him."

5:18pm — Man suspected of attacking Khan shot dead: aide

A man suspected of attacking former Pakistan prime minister Imran Khan has been shot dead, an aide told AFP.

"A second man was taken into police custody," Raoof Hasan, a senior Khan aide told AFP, adding that it was unclear who shot the first attacker.

5:15pm — Bullet missed past my face, slightly grazing it: Faisal Javed

PTI Senator Faisal Javed told Geo News that the bullet missed past his face, slightly grazing it.

Javed further added that he is concerned about the wellbeing of his fellow leaders and party workers.

5:05pm — One worker reportedly killed: Faisal Javed

5:00pm — JI Karachi chief condemns attack on Imran Khan

4:56 pm — PM Shehbaz condemns firing incident, prays for Khan's health

Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif condemned the unfortunate firing that took place near Allahwala Chowt at Gujranwala.

The premier has directed Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah to seek an immediate report from the inspector-general of police and chief secretary of Punjab.  

4:47pm — Shahbaz Gill calls out suspected assailants who crossed red line

PTI leader Shahbaz Gill took to his Twitter handle to want the suspected assailants that party chief Imran Khan is their red line and attackers have tried to cross that red line.

Gill maintained that Khan will fight till his last breathe, adding that the Haqeeqi Azadi March will continue. 

4:42 pm — Faisal Javed, among other PTI leaders injured during firing incident 

PTI leader Senator Faisal Javed, among four-five other politicians sustained injuries during an unfortunate firing incident that took place near party chief Imran Khan's container.

LIVE updates, day 7: Imran Khan injured as man opens fire near PTI reception camp

4:35pm — Imran Khan sustains injury on right leg, being shifted to hospital

PTI Chairman Imran Khan sustained an injury on their right leg after being shot by a man who opened burst fire on Khan's container near Allahwala Chowk in Gujranwala.

According to Geo News, Khan has been shifted to hospital after being evacutaed in a bulletproof vehicle. 

Khan is being shifted to the nearby hospital for immediate medical treatment.

4:20pm — Several injured as man opens fire near Imran Khan’s reception camp

Several people were injured after a man opened fire near PTI Chairman Imran Khan’s reception camp at Allahwala Chowk.

According to police sources, chaotic scenes broke out near Khan's reception camp at Allahwala Chowk in Gujranwala after gunshots were fired by a person on Khan's container.

Sources told Geo News that the person who fired the gunshots has been arrested.

As per reports Khan was inside his container, and was injured. He was later evacuated in a bulletproof vehicle.

Khan sustained an injury on his right leg which was bandage as per the exclusive footage available with Geo News.

3:50pm — Imran Khan ditches address at Maulana Zafar Ali Khan

PTI Chairman Imran Khan ditched addressing the march participants at Maulana Zafar Ali Khan.

Instead of making a speech, Khan told the participants to accompany him to Kachehri Chowk, promising of speaking to them there.

3:45pm — Scenes from Wazirabad on day seven

2:45 pm —  Those who are against Pakistan are against Imran Khan: Fawad

Speaking to the media, he said the government had filed around 23 cases against Imran. He also lashed out at Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah's jibe at keeping Imran at Machh Jail saying: "These leaders are the visual representation of corruption".

PTI leader Fawad Chaudhry says that those who are against Pakistan are against PTI Chairman Imran Khan.

Speaking to the media on day seven of his party's protest march towards Islamabad, he criticised the recent visit to China made by Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif and a delegation of his government. "The visit to China was destined to be a failure," he said. 

The PTI leader asked why any government have talks with a prime minister whose term is not known.

Chaudhry said the government has filed 23 cases against Imran Khan. "This is a record," he said, adding that he is surprised by Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah's statement of sending Imran to Machh jail.

He said the current government's days are numbered.

1:46pm — PTI march will prove to be 'limping' march: Hafiz Hamdullah

Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) spokesperson Hafiz Hamdullah said that PTI's march will be a "limping" march whether it is long or short.

He said that the PTI chair’s aim is neither election nor revolution. Instead, Khan is "restless to get an army chief appointed of his choice,” he said.

He slammed Khan for criticising state institutions, which has made him "a hero" for India.

"You have an issue with neutrality but the whistle of neutrality has been blown," Hamdullah said.

1:30pm — November 11 gathering in Islamabad will be 'historic': Asad Umar

12:58pm — Islamabad admin seeks affidavit from PTI in exchange of permission for rally

The Islamabad administration has sought an affidavit from the PTI for assurances over different conditions set by the government, in exchange for permission to hold a rally in Islamabad.

There are 39 different conditions stated in the affidavit which is required to be signed by PTI Chairman Imran Khan. Some of the conditions are as follows:

  • PTI will be allowed to hold rally for a single day.
  • PTI needs to seek permission for 12 people who will be present.

12:00pm — IHC orders PTI to maintain peace at location allotted for sit-in

The Islamabad High Court (IHC) directed PTI to ensure maintaining peace regardless of the location in Islamabad allotted to the party by the government to hold sit-ins and jalsa.

The observation came during the hearing of PTI's plea against the government for not issuing PTI a no-objection certificate for its sit-in in Islamabad.

"Holding a protest is your right but the citizens rights should also be taken care of," Justice Aamer Farooq remarked. Later, the court reserved its verdict after hearing the arguments from the parties in the case.

11:10am — Islamabad admin on high alert,  asks CDA for ambulances

The Islamabad administration has requested the Capital Development Authority (CDA) to provide 10 ambulances to deal with any untoward incident during PTI’s long march.

In a letter, the authorities have also requested five fire brigade vehicles. 

10:55am — PTI leaders demanding intervention from institutions, courts after getting trapped in deadlock: Sherry Rehman

After getting trapped in a deadlock, PTI leaders are now demanding intervention from institutions and courts, said Minister for Climate Change Sherry Rehman, as the party entered the seventh day of its anti-government protest march.

9:45am — Imran to spend day 7 in Wazirabad

8: 15am — Imran Khan may come if he assures IHC of peaceful march: Rana 

Minister for Interior Rana Sanaullah said on Wednesday that if Khan gives an assurance to the Islamabad High Court that the march will remain peaceful, he will be allowed to come here.

He was asked about the PTI’s long march and permission for its entry into Islamabad. He said a petition was being heard by the IHC on the issue. 

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8:00am — March not to end in Islamabad: Imran

PTI  Chairman Imran Khan said on Wednesday his party’s long march would not end after reaching Islamabad.

“Our movement will continue for the next 10 months until the date for elections is announced,” he told participants in the march. “We will never accept these thieves,” he reiterated, adding that it is better to die than to become slaves of the ‘thieves’.

On Wednesday morning, the PTI kicked off its long march on the sixth day at Pindi Bypass Gujranwala. 

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