• Amendment to labour laws demanded

      June 20, 2006
      Print : Lahore

      LAHORE: The government should amend labour laws in conformity with international labour laws. Besides, there should be effective labour inspection machinery to enforce the existing labour laws across the country.

      This was said by Khurshid Ahmed, General Secretary Pakistan Workers Federation at a press conference here on Monday. He said that the working class had welcomed the government’s decision of increasing the minimum wages for the unskilled workers by 33 per cent and salaries of the public sector workers by 15 per cent. He said that the raise was not appropriate in comparison with inflation and the government should announce further increase in the salaries and wages.

      He also urged the government to raise the wages and salaries of the semi-skilled and supervisory staff with the same proportion through Minimum Wages Ordinance 1961. He further urged the government to raise the move-over, selection grade in the national pay scales which were withdrawn. He said that house rent allowance for the workers of Wapda, Railway, PWD, Irrigation, government and semi-government employees should also be increased.

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