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Imran to participate in Quetta protest

- January 13, 2013 - Updated 30 PKT - From Web Edition

LAHORE: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chief Imran Khan has strongly condemned the killing of innocent people in Balochistan and said that he would visit Quetta today (Sunday) to express solidarity with the families of victims, Geo News reported.


This he said while addressing a sit-in of Majlis-e-Wahdatul Muslimeen against Quetta carnage outside Governor House Lahore.


Imran said he would also participate in the protest being held by victims’ families in Quetta.


The PTI leader demanded of the government to remove the chief minister of Balochistan.

Reader Comments
Yeah exactly Qasim, he is an opportunist, a taliban khan and sometimes, amreeki agent as well and every thing he did right from shaukat namal to uptil now is just a gimmick. We must throw him out and vote for ameer-ul-moumineen Nawaz shareef. We'll also get our sacred laptops.

What a courageous step by Imran Khan. He has once again proved to be the only true leader in Pakistan. Question for Qasim, how can you call him opportunist? In fact our president and prime minister should be in Quetta right now to show solidarity.

WE are with you Khan......

United Kingdom
@ Qasim : This opportunist is the only Pakistani leader to visit and share grievances with Shia community. Where are all the other leaders from PPP, n League, Q league, MQM. Sitting in london or isb and making noises. If some one has shown courage in these times of apathy risking his life, lets appreciate it. Lets be united then creating divisions in this difficult time. Long live Khan and hope other leaders and pakistanis follow suit.

Imran Khan is the only true patriotic leader of Pakistan. Vote for PTI if you want to save Pakistan

Kudos . ImranKhan ,You do what all of us should have been doing . Pls try to geta consensus of all political parties to make the issue of terrorism,Law & Disorder,and mindless killing sprees a joint national concern, above partisanship. Let their be a national policy supported by all,and based upon justice- fairplay ,to weed this cancer out of nationallife.Otherwise cancer kills the body.

Naseem Altaf
@Qasim (United Kingdom) - Would be better if you had directed shame at Zardari who is bunkered in Karachi & Altaf living in safe haven in your country - Imran has visited Balochistan many times while rest conveniently stayed away.

Being overlook to address root causes by Religious, political and administrative authorities since the very beginning as commented since months in national and international news papers. Sectarian clashes have reasons and causes that not being addressed. Each faction must leave fanaticism and such activities that spread hatred, public places should be free from such activities.

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