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Iran parliament votes to expel UK envoy

November 27, 2011 - Updated 1252 PKT
From Web Edition

TEHRAN: Iran's parliament voted Sunday to expel Britain's ambassador in retaliation for fresh Western sanctions imposed over Tehran's nuclear programme.


A majority of 179 lawmakers voted in favour of reducing diplomatic relations to the more junior level of charge d'affaires within two weeks and paring economic relations with Britain to a minimum, according to a live broadcast on state radio.


Four deputies voted against, and 11 abstained.


The lawmakers also raised the possibility of punishing "other countries that behave in a manner similar to that of Britain." "This bill is only the beginning," parliamentary speaker Ali Larijani warned.


The bill now has to go to Iran's Guardians Council for approval before it takes effect.


After the parliamentary bill was introduced on Wednesday, Britain said "it would be regrettable" if its ambassador to Tehran, Dominick Chilcott, were to be expelled. Chilcott took up his post last month.


Britain, whose City of London is the world's biggest financial market alongside New York, said November 14 it was "ceasing all contact" between its financial system and that of Iran.

Reader Comments
I also salute the leaders of Iran. A country which is not even a nuclear power has the guts to stand up to the world's bullies...Just imagine what Iran would do if it actually becomes a NUCLEAR STATE (INSHALLAH). I feel sorry for my country's people for although we ARE a NUCLEAR POWER NATION but due to our CORRUPT LEADERS, Pakistan has lost SELF RESPECT.

Haris Maqsood
Ahmedinejad doing very well as a true loving Iran national. Our advise to him from USA community, kick "FISH N CHIP" nation plus blue eyes Americans. Once it is done, you will see Iran will flourish at a faster growth pace. Do not use mercy for them but tell them to get out and no Irani national wants to see them anymore on their soil. Good work by Iran government. WELL DONE, WELL DESERVED.

Danish Sadiq
I salute Iranian Parliament for taking a courageous stand. The yankees and Brit are an axis of evil. I have no doubt that Allah the Almighty will help Iran to stand against these evil nations. All peace loving people of the world acknowledge the right of Iranian people to achieve nuclear goals. We are with Iran.

If only our leaders were only half as courageous as those of Irans!

When will the Iranian Parliament -expel Pres.Ahmadinejad --for all the problems mis management he has done /damaging Iran

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