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No end to Dengue fever in Punjab

- September 14, 2011 - Updated 1336 PKT - From Web Edition

LAHORE: The rapid spread of the Dengue virus continues across Punjab. In Lahore alone during the last 24 hours five people have died from the virus and the number of patients keeps on escalating.


Latest figures released by the Punjab Health Department state that on Wednesday 412 new cases of Dengue were reported, taking the total number of cases to 4,989.

Eight Chinese engineers have also been infected with the Dengue virus and are receiving treatment at different hospitals of the city.


A case pertaining to the spread of the virus is also being heard at the Lahore High Court (LHC). The court did not receive an answer from district government and health department officials and ordered that they submit their replies by September 16.


The court stated that people were dying from Dengue and high ranking officials were not concerned.


The government and opposition in the Punjab Assembly traded barbs over the issue of the virus. Provincial Law Minister Rana Sanaullah accused Governor Latif Khosa and opposition leader Raja Riaz of being part of the Dengue conspiracy. Riaz on the other hand said that a competition was brewing between the stubborn Dengue mosquito and the stubborn Chief Minister (Shahbaz Sharif).


The situation is dire in Faisalabad as well where within a span of 18 hours, 35 new Dengue cases were reported. Overall 220 Dengue cases have been reported in the city.

Reader Comments
Spread of Dengue fever;no body should be blamed except the mosquitoes. Government should adopt concrete measures to arrest the spread of the dengue fever. Beside other measures, do fumigation all over the affected areas in the evening hours on mass scale and within two weeks the number of cases will start dropping.

This is indeed an emergent and dire situation. Without the provisions of law being a hindrance, the Feds and the Provincials should have shunned personal rivalry and come to the unsurpassed assistance of the civilian population. But the heartening news is the arrival of the Sri Lankan degue experts who will guide and teach our medical and para-medical staff on how to tackle this hydra headed menace. Salams to Sri Lanka and Pakistan.

Nazir Habib
Sharif brothers are completely failed and looks like they don't even care for citizen. People are dying and these two brothers should be behind the bars.

Haq Parast
It is sad that the Punjab government and opposoition are not even bothered and wasting time accusing each other rather than doing something constructive

Cheap protection against dengue mosquitoes, apply garlic paste on the exposed part of body garlic is availabe to all the people specially poor people.

Ikram Khan
What is the punjab govt its CM -doing in controlling dengue death's in punjab ?. Stop accusing /blaming everyone else -for all your big problem's.Attend to your problems .Take charge .Blame the lahore mosquito's -it will make more sense -will you ?.

In 1980 There was an outbrake of conjunctivitis(Ashobe Chasham) in Lahore. The U. of Baltimore program for Malaria eradication spread it. The then Govt. closed that program. Eversince there is no such outbrake.Dengue also spread by The Black waters & USAID workers.Remove them if the govt want to control Gengue fever.

Abdallah SA
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