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Separate Karachi from Pakistan if you don't like MQM mandate: Altaf

- May 12, 2013 - Updated 2224 PKT - From Web Edition

KARACHI: In a reply to allegations pertaining to poll rigging being leveled against MQM in Karachi and Hyderabad, Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) Chief Altaf Hussain said if the ‘establishment’ doesn’t like the mandate of his party, it should go ahead and detach it from the rest of the country.


“Separate Karachi (from the rest of the country) if you dislike its people’s mandate,” Altaf Hussain said to the ‘establishment’ while addressing his party workers and supporters via telephone at his party’s Headquarters, Nine Zero.


He said, ‘instead of abusing Karachi and its people, separate Karachi from Pakistan’ and warned the ‘establishment’ that they were playing with fire. “If you didn’t stop playing with fire, it would burn down the entire Pakistan,” he snapped, and at the same time added that he was not issuing any threats to anyone.


"The non-Urdu speaking people may continue to safely live in the city," he assured.


Altaf Hussain alleged that hatred was being spread against MQM across the country and regretted that his party ends up facing blames for every wrongdoing that it never commits. “If MQM carried out rigging (in Karachi) then what made the tsunami disappear in Punjab,” he argued.


He warned the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) to reach a decision with honesty or else they will not be able to find any shelter.


The MQM Chief dared anyone who is opposing his party to come up with evidence and warned that if opposition was not stopped, he would not take long to let his associates free to act on their own. “How can I control them and for how long,” he added.


The MQM Chief alerted Karachiites to get ready to stand up against the bullying and that soon a call will be issued to them in this regard.


“Altaf Hussain should not be blamed if a war breaks out among the people,” he warned, adding whoever attempted to conduct propaganda will face a war.


He said ‘we will see how many big shots come out to engage in bullying’.


“The nations which are put against the wall usually choose to build their separate home (land),” Altaf Hussain warned.


He said if only one province is considered Pakistan, then the entire country would suffer damage.


He said if a member of his party has gone out of line it is because of the latter’s own choice. However, he added, that there was no place for criminals in his party.


Reader Comments
Altaf is liar and loser who is destroying Karachi and he is big supporter of india InshaaAllah Karachi is the part of pakistan and will remain the part of Pakistan util the end of the world if altaf is so good for this country and for Karachi so why he can't come to Pakistan he is murderer he should thrown in front of dogs

I am your supporter and party worker Altaf bhai. Honestly, I think you should come back and fight with us.

This Traitor Altaf Husain shouls be brought back to country and punished.He is open Killer, I donot understand why press, do not name him. when they say "some part oponents". HE HAD DESTROYED MY CITY AND COUNTRY.

Born Karachite
I appreciate the forthright and no nonsense attitude of Altafji. He is right when he says that Karachi is different from the rest of Pakistan. It has its own aura, culture and tolerance level. Former East Pakistan was also different from the arrogant Panjabis. It deserve seperate statehood.

its loud and clear that altaf hussain is behind all the violence in karachi.if he is man enough why does he not relinquish his british nationality and come over here and be true pakistani and fight for its cause?he knows his past he knows his crimes.

I feel sory for people of Karachi especialy Urdu speaking who are very good people follow a bastard like Altaf chotia, a coward 3rd rated gunda and look at those assholes party members of his party they put hands on people eyes they thing people are fool they talk in such a way everyone know they take batha they murderers and they have people whose work is only to kill people and come out create problems for people.

If a group of people is Criticizing MQM then it does not mean that such leaders should come on TV channels and challenge whole nation and Army in particuler.Mr Altaf thus becoming responsible of provoking masses on racial and ethnic basis.I have never written such emails/messages previously, but this time i thought i should play my part to draw your attention towards this issue which is bound to have serious results if you dont draw a line for such people like Altaf Husaain.

Altaf Hussain have Hijacked the People of Karachi. He is 2nd Sh. Mujeeb.

jilani khan
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