Monday December 05, 2022

PALSP elects office bearers

October 01, 2022

Islamabad : Pakistan Association of Large Steel Producers (PALSP) announced election results and Saqib Riaz Tata of Naveena Steels has been elected as the new chairman of the association for the year of 2022-23, says a press release.

Faizan Bhagani of Faizan Steel was elected as senior vice chairman and Usman Ali of Kamran Steels and Hasan Farid of Pak Steel were elected as vice chairmen of PALSP. The election results were announced after the annual general meeting of the association and the tenure of the new team begins from 1st October 22.

The new executive committee for the year 2022-23 consists of 10 members which includes Khurram Javed (Mughal Steels), Saqib Riaz Tata (Naveena Steels), Faizan Bhagani (Faizan Steel), Usman Ali (Kamran Steels), Hussain Agha (Agha Steel Industries Ltd), Shabaan Khalid (Ittehad Steels), Munawar Aftab Aziz (Aziz Industries), Rafat Farid (Pak Iron), Irshad Mowjee (Razaque Steels (Pvt) Ltd), Javed Iqbal (Karachi Steels) (ex-officio member of the Executive Committee).

The newly elected office bearers and EC members were congratulated by Abbas Akberali, patron in chief PALSP, the outgoing Chairman Javed Iqbal of Karachi Steels as well as the leadership of Large Steel Producers including Javaid Mughal (Mughal Steels), Senator Nauman Wazir Khatak (FF Steels), Ilyas Aziz Malik (Fazal Steels), Khalid Javed of Ittehad Steels and Dawood Khan (Nomee Steels).