Tuesday August 16, 2022

Tributes paid to martyrs of Karbala at PAL

August 06, 2022

Islamabad : The incident of Karbala is the story of Hazrat Imam Hussain (R.A) and his Ehl-e-Bait’s truthfulness, bravery, fundamentalism and self-sacrifice, which was written with their own blood. This story is completely free from any worldly interest and greed. That is why its brilliance increases with every passing moment, says a press release.

These views were expressed by Pakistan Academy of Letters (PAL) Chairman Dr. Yousuf Khuskh, while presenting the key-note address at the ‘Mehfil-e-Masalama’ held in memory of the martyrs of Karbala organised by the PAL.

The event was presided over by Dr. Ehsan Akbar. Ali Akbar Abbass and Anjum Khaliq were the chief guests while Akhtar Usman, Dr. Arshad Mahmood Nashad and Shakeel Jazib were the guests of honour. The proceedings were conducted by Arif Farhad.