Tuesday September 27, 2022

Police set up DEW to curb crime

July 07, 2022

Rawalpindi : District Enforcement Wing (DEW) of Rawalpindi district police has been inaugurated here to curb crime and enhance the efficiency of Rawalpindi district police.

According to a police spokesman, Inspector General Police (IGP) Punjab, Rao Sardar Ali Khan had inaugurated DEW at Police Lines Headquarters, Rawalpindi.

Separate enforcement wings of investigation and operation had been set up in the DEW to monitor the performance of 15-calls responses and the beat system besides checking biometric attendance of police personnel, police patrolling, community policing and performance of the teams, he added.

He informed that the investigation enforcement wing would monitor the matters of the court cases, performance of the enforcement staff, the cases of women and children, the progress to bust the gangs and development in the kidnapping cases.

The Investigation Enforcement Wing would also monitor in detail the operations being conducted to net most wanted criminals besides checking registration of new cases, inquiry and pending cases and challan reports of different cases.