Wednesday July 06, 2022

Taliban order female TV presenters to cover faces

By News Report
May 20, 2022

KABUL: Following the ban on women from travelling alone without male relatives and a ban on girls’ education, the Taliban rulers in Afghanistan have ordered all the female TV presenters to cover their faces while appearing on air.

The order to cover faces on-air came after women were ordered to wear a face veil or face punishment, foreign media reported. After the new order by the Taliban, netizens on Twitter started criticising it and many people called it a “step by the Taliban to promote extremism.”

One of the activists tweeted: “The world deploys masks to protect people from Covid. The Taliban deploys masks to protect people from seeing the faces of women journalists. For the Taliban, women are a disease.”

The Ministry for the Prevention of Vice and Promotion of Virtue announced that it will be mandatory for all women in the country to cover their faces in public, including those who appear on the screen.