Tuesday May 17, 2022

EPQL offers additional 107MW

By Our Correspondent
May 14, 2022

KARACHI: In response to government seeking proposals to overcome widespread load-shedding in the country, Engro Powergen Qadirpur Ltd (EPQL) has offered to add another 107MW to the national grid, if provided with additional gas supplies.

The government sought proposals from stakeholders to tackle the current power crisis, reduce dependence on expensive fuels, and save the precious foreign exchange spent on buying that expensive fuel.

“EPQL can immediately increase generation to 217MW,” the EPQL’s letter to the Ministry of Energy said, adding that a further 107MW to the grid (at Rs7.4/unit) could be added if additional gas (30 mmscfd) was provided from the Qadirpur gas field.

Considering the current situation where the national power grid has been strained due to a steep rise in power demand, low hydropower generation and rising international fuel prices, “we believe this step can provide immediate relief to the consumers,” the letter read. EPQL uses low permeate gas for power production.

Company offered to raise power generation after government sought proposals from stakeholders to overcome load-shedding. The government aims to save foreign exchange spent on expensive fuels by generating cheaper electricity using local resources in the country.

In order to increase power generation, priority should be given to power plants that were more efficient so that cheaper power could be obtained, and one such option was to fully utilise the locally available permeate gas (low BTU gas). Permeate gas is a form of low-BTU gas, which is high in sulphur content and has no alternate use.