Thursday December 08, 2022

‘One-million gathering to be referendum against opposition’

March 15, 2022

Islamabad:The gathering of one-million people in Islamabad on the call of Prime Minister Imran Khan would prove to be a historic referendum against politically unemployed opposition, said President Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) and most senior government minister Sardar Tanveer Ilyas Khan. He said that the workers affiliated with PTI were eager to participate in this gathering.

Moreover, the workers from all corners of AJK will participate in the D-Chowk gathering of Islamabad. These views were expressed these views while talking to media persons after a high-level meeting here in Islamabad on Monday.

Sardar Tanveer Ilyas said, being part of an international conspiracy, a no-confidence motion cannot bring down the government which has the expectations and aspirations of the people of Pakistan. He further said Prime Minister Imran Khan’s terms with the coalition parties were satisfactory and trustworthy, adding that in the current situation, the opposition inside Pakistan had become a tool of a foreign conspiracy.

He emphasised that Prime Minister Imran Khan must expose those eternal enemies of Pakistan who created chaos and unrest in the country through their agents inside Pakistan. He stated that the whole nation was with Imran Khan and the opposition seeking power through distrust would not get anything out of their endeavours.