Monday May 16, 2022

Security paradigm in wave of terrorism certs

January 27, 2022

Islamabad : In a state of war against terrorism, police are the frontline force that has to come face to face with radicals at first and until and unless, policing security mechanism is not made on proactive notes, it will remain a dormant dream to defeat terrorism and suspected elements.

Soft targets are on the hit list of radicals but even then any sort of mechanism has not been on cards on part of police high-ups to revisit basic policing structure relating to apparatus of police checking points, pickets, and snap-checking.

More than two horrendous episodes have ensued in attacks on police pickets in the federal capital during the short span of not more than two months claiming the lives of at least four cops while two terrorists were killed in encounter after the attack at the police check points.

Snap-checking is the ultimate procurement to thwart suspected activities but anomalies in this sort of security have never been seen on the priority of policing system resultantly, police officials making snap checking are being targeted by terrorists and during the last few days, police officials were martyred in the capital city.

Snap-checking should be ensured in presence of Rangers’ and suspected elements should be clampdown once they interact with security officials and this could only be done with alertness and proactive security arrangements. Security objectives could never be achieved until and unless security institutes and police departments made think terrorists and suspected elements that they will be clamped down sooner or later. And this could only be achieved with dedication and commitment with the responsibility that one has been tasked at his individual level.

Patrolling on part of Police and Rangers’ officials is being done jointly in the capital city; similarly, snap checking should also be ensured with mutual understanding by providing cover to each other in face of any untoward situation.

Being in a state of war against intimidation, the policing system of the country and particularly of the federal capital is run on conventional measures instead of revamping it on proactive notes.

The conduct of police officials deployed at police checking points, pickets and snap-checking points has tales to tell of unprofessionalism and irresponsible behaviour, not because of them but for the reason of lack of their training as a soldier.

On all major arteries of the federal capital; there are transitory checking points and pickets of police officials, but even terrorists’ bids have never come to an end. Follies and loopholes are always there in police checking apparatus, and suspect elements got the advantage of these drawbacks and made attacks got managed to slip away.

Is this result of some sort of unprofessionalism or something else but one has to pay for this folly and irresponsibility. Police checking points and snap checking has become a nuisance for the public as police officials deployed at these spots are usually found busy listening to their personal phones and checking documents of vehicles irrespective of the duty to hunt down suspected vehicles contrary to the fact that their responsibility is not paper-checking but be vigilant on suspected vehicles.

Another unprofessional conduct that has been noticed was that officials of Islamabad Traffic Police use to fit them at police checking points to keep a check on whether drivers have belted themselves or not, since it is directive from the police bosses that traffic cops should not zoom at drivers and vehicles near police checking points.

There are also instances that citizens use to complain regarding the conduct of police officials during snap checking and corrupt officials use to make this security apparatus a means to money-making. It is therefore also necessary that to shun such malpractices, joint teams of Rangers and police should be constituted to avert such complaints.