Wednesday August 17, 2022

CM slams Opp for politicising Murree tragedy

By Our Correspondent
January 14, 2022

LAHORE: Chief Minister Sardar Usman Buzdar has said that the PTI-led government got the opposition which has neither awareness nor understanding of national interests.

In a statement, the chief minister regretted that the opposition tried to gloss over the happenings in Murree. Opposition parties are indifferent to politics of national interest and they go to every extent to point score the issues involving human lives, he maintained. It is not the human heart but the sheer lust for power that runs deep in the bodies of the opposition leaders, he enunciated. However, the opposition has failed at every occasion, concluded the chief minister.

vaccinated: Chief Minister Sardar Usman Buzdar has asked the citizens to vaccinate themselves to remain safe from the expected the fifth corona wave.

In a statement issued here Thursday, the chief minister said that the citizens would have to show seriousness as the new corona wave was intensifying.It was in the best interest of the citizens to follow SOPs as an increase in the number of patients was worrisome, he added. The citizens had been vaccinated at their doorsteps through province-wise Reach Every Door drive, he said.

SACM: Special Assistant to Chief Minister (SACM) on Information, Hasaan Khawar, has said that the PTI government was focusing on self-reliance approach by steering the country out of debt. According to a handout issued here Thursday, he said that the PMLN government tenure ended in 2018 with annual revenue at Rs3,800 billion, and the revenue of six months of the current fiscal year was Rs6,000 billion.

Remittances had jumped up from Rs20 to 30 billion, and foreign exchange reserves are at Rs22 billion today, as compared to Rs7 billion in the past, he added.

Hasaan Khawar said, “We have successfully reduced the net annual increase in debt from Rs4.5 billion to Rs2.5 billion.” He said that the deep-rooted hereditary politics of Bilawal and Maryam was free of democratic essence. He said that a network of development projects was being laid in Punjab adding that various initiatives such as new dams, roads’ network, Health Card, Kisan Card and others revealed that the economy was recovering.

Answering various questions regarding the Murree tragedy, he said that all the necessary details were being ascertained in the inquiry. SACM said that steps were also being taken to regulate private investment in tourism, adding that in the past, laws were not regulated.

Replying to a question, Hasaan Khawar said that action would be taken against hotels charging extra and recovery would be made from them.