Thursday August 11, 2022

Siraj for further probing PTI foreign funding case

By Our Correspondent
January 09, 2022

LAHORE: Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) ameer Sirajul Haq has said Prime Minister Imran Khan has no right to rule after it has been proved that he established his party and government on corruption and fraud from the very first day by hiding massive foreign funding.

PTI foreign funding must be investigated transparently to expose further hidden accounts and assets, he said while addressing a workers’ convention near Samma Satta Railway Station on Saturday on his way back to Lahore from JI’s sit-in outside Sindh Assembly in Karachi. Siraj announced holding a countrywide protest against Sindh local government law on Sunday (today).

Feudal lords and capitalists imposed on the country for the last 75 years consider the masses untouchables, he said, adding those imposing colonists’ system on people after independence have not right of decision making in a country established for practicing Islam. He said people will show solidarity with the JI Karachi sit-in against the black law. He criticised Prime Minister Imran Khan for ‘deceiving’ the masses in the name of Islam.

Sirajul Haq also appealed to the court to review its decision about the demolition of Madina Masjid Karachi. He said if the illegally constructed house of prime minister could be regularised after a small fine then what was the hurdle in legalisation of the mosque. He said building mosques was a responsibility of an Islamic state. He said the PTI, PML-N and the PPP were the clubs of feudal lords and imperialists. The three parties which ruled the country for decades failed to provide relief to the masses. He said inflation and unemployment were become the trademarks of the PTI government. He said the masses would no more ready to accept the status quo parties. He said the country needed honest and dedicated leadership and only Jamaat-e-Islami could meet the desired demand. He said the JI would bring the real change and put Pakistan on track if voted to power.