Saturday January 22, 2022


December 08, 2021

In the 2018 general election, a number of people put their faith in Imran Khan, hoping for some positive change in the country. It seems that they were wrong to do so. After three years, people are tired of the government’s blame games. It seems that the government is trying to divert people’s attention from domestic issues by creating a narrative that Muslims are in danger and that issues like India need more attention. Moreover, the world is changing, while Pakistan is stuck with the same old rhetoric. Under the current policies, people are more ambivalent about their future than ever before.

In his pre-election speeches, Imran Khan claimed that his policies would make people from other countries want to live here – that is hardly the case. People are now sorely disappointed in the incumbent government. It must, however, be remembered that despite the gullibility that stems from people’s desperation, no one can make fools of them all of the time.

Haleema Sadia