Tuesday May 24, 2022

TNFJ rejects amendments to Muslim family laws

By Our Correspondent
December 04, 2021

ISLAMABAD: Quaid-e-Millat-e-Jaffaria Agha Hamid Ali Shah Moosavi Friday rejected the amendment to Muslim family laws, urging the CJP to take notice of the legislation based against the principles and faith of Shia school of thought. He said that despite being rejected twice by the concerned Senate Standing Committee, the passing of disputed bill is a clear violation of democratic norms and the Constitution. He said this while addressing the TNFJ core committee meeting in Rawalpindi. “Intervention continues in worship, rituals, and beliefs of Maktab-e-Tashayyo. We are peace-loving people, however, we shall never compromise on the fundamental rights.” He said introduction of disputed curriculum, curbs on processions, amendments in books of Shia school of thought, banning of Majalis and discriminatory legislation are all reviving the bitter memories of Zia’s martial law.