Saturday October 23, 2021

HSA all set to join China-Pakistan Health Corridor initiative

September 22, 2021

Islamabad: The Health Services Academy (HSA) will join the China-Pakistan Health Corridor Initiative by signing multiple collaborative agreements with its Chinese counterpart organizations that will be represented at the 11th Annual Public Health Conference of the Academy scheduled on September 23-24.

A Memorandum of Understanding to this effect will be signed between the Chairman of the China-Pakistan Health Corridor Dr. Lee and Vice Chancellor of HSA Prof. Shahzad Ali Khan.

In another historic development, the Department of Public Health of Wuhan University will sign an MoU for multiple cooperation in academic partnership between China and Pakistan in the field of public health. Ky component of this collaboration will include digital health, medical technology, traditional medicine, and joint health research projects.

Through yet another agreement, the WHO Traditional Medicine Foundation of China will seek collaboration with HSA in the field of Traditional and Alternative Medicine (TAM) in Pakistan. Digital Human will sign an MoU with HSA for the establishment of the Digital Human Project and Digital Medicine Lab at HSA.

With its headquarter in Jinan, the China-Pakistan Health Corridor initiative is a multidisciplinary interconnected group of centers consisting of medical universities, hospitals, traditional medicine academies, and research and training centres in countries along the Belt and Road linked together by telemedicine, artificial intelligence, VR/AR, and big data.

The China-Pakistan Health Corridor has several cooperations established between Chinese and Pakistani universities, hospitals, and medical institutes. Cooperation with China Medical University, Fuwai Hospital, Weifang People’s Hospital, The Lancet, Mayo International Clinic, Xian Jiaotong University, Sino-Pak Joint Research Lab, and Qingdao Binhai University are particularly worth mentioning.