Friday September 24, 2021

CDA to approve development projects tomorrow

September 13, 2021

Islamabad : An important meeting of the Capital Development Working Group (CDWP) will be held tomorrow (Tuesday), in which several important projects will be approved.

According to the details, PC-I of ‘Islamabad Bus Service’ project will be presented for approval in the meeting. This project will be completed by January 2022 and the same would be operated on zero subsidy basis.

In addition, the meeting will approve the construction of new toilets in various parks of the city keeping in view the facilities for the citizens, while in order to maintain high standards of cleanliness in Islamabad. The Department of Sanitation will be provided with modern machinery in-house, a move that will not only reduce CDA's costs but also help extend its jurisdiction to the rural areas of Islamabad.

A plan will be considered to provide modern machinery in-house to further improve the performance of the Environment Department, which will also help in the construction and repair of highways.

The meeting will also approve the widening of underpasses, flyovers and adjoining roads on Ataturk Avenue, Sector G-5 and G-6 to ease traffic congestion in Islamabad, while Jinnah Avenue and approval will also be given for construction, repair and renovation of highways up to Ayub Chowk Making Islamabad a smart and safe city which was approved by the CDA Board, which has been included in the agenda.