Wednesday August 17, 2022

Islamabad likely to become first city to achieve ‘herd immunity’

By Our Correspondent
September 09, 2021

Islamabad : The federal capital is likely to become the first city of Pakistan that will achieve the status of ‘fully vaccinated’ in the face of ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

According to the details, the government has set vaccination targets for 24 large cities by the end of September. The target for ‘Partial Vaccination’ is 60% while 40% of the eligible population will be ‘Fully Vaccinated’.

According to the National Command and Operation Centre (NCOC), 35% of the eligible population in Pakistan has received at least one dose of coronavirus vaccine. The break up showed that Islamabad is at 69%, Azad Kashmir 51%, Gilgit-Baltistan 39%, Punjab 37%, Khyber-Pakhtunkhawa 35%, Sindh 32% and Balochistan 12%.

The statistics showed that when it comes to vaccination Islamabad is far ahead of other cities of Pakistan and now only 31% of its population is yet to get the coronavirus vaccine.

If the vaccination process continues at same pace then all the eligible population of Islamabad will get the coronavirus vaccine in the coming months.

The positivity ratio in Islamabad is still high but the medical experts are of the view that once the city gets the herd immunity then the number of cases will come down to a considerable level. The city had to face ‘smart lockdowns’ and ‘mini smart lockdowns’ in the past due to rising the number of coronavirus cases.