Saturday September 18, 2021

Malir cantonment disposed of offal of over 26,000 animals

Malir cantonment disposed of offal of over 26,000 animals

During the three days of Eid ul Azha, the Cantonment Board Malir (CBM) collected and properly disposed of offal and remains of 26,678 sacrificial animals from the areas under its jurisdiction.

The CBM shared this data in a statement issued on Saturday. The board said it ran a proper solid waste disposal campaign during the three days of the Eid to tackle the issue of remains of sacrificial animals in the safest manner.

The sanitation drive was conducted by municipal staffers of the CBM on the direction of Cantonment Executive Officer Hyder Ali Siyal and the president of the board, Brigadier Amjad Mahmood, the statement read.

The CBM said it acted on a comprehensive plan for necessary municipal arrangements to let the residents of the Malir Cantt perform the ritual of sacrificing animals on the occasion with maximum facilities.

Important components of the comprehensive plan included designating proper sites for sacrifice on a centralised basis, using scientific means to dispose of the entrails, and conducting fumigation drive to properly disinfect the area.

A central control room was established to supervise the sanitation campaign while helpline numbers were also issued to let the residents complain about unattended offal. The CBM said it used additional staff, motor vehicles and machinery to conduct the sanitation drive. A proper publicity campaign was also conducted to seek cooperation from the residents for the success of the sanitation activity.