Sunday September 26, 2021

DSP held for injuring pushcart vendor

July 24, 2021

Police have arrested a deputy superintendent of police (DSP) for injuring a pushcart vendor in the Saddar area.

They said DSP Feroz Qureshi dashed an official police mobile into the pushcart, injuring a vendor, Shaukat, on the night between Thursday and Friday near the Parking Plaza. The vendor has been on his way home in Lines Area.

A crowd of people gathered on the spot, caught the DSP and tried to torture him. Later, they handed him over to police, who took him to Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Center for medical treatment. DSP Feroz Qureshi is posted at the Security Zone I. Police have registered an FIR and initiated an investigation.

Eight held for shooting animal

Police have arrested eight people and registered a case against them for shooting and injuring a panic-stricken sacrificial buffalo on the first day of Eidul Azha in Karachi.

The arrests were made by police with the help of videos that circulated on social media, showing people shooting the sacrificial animal at a housing society near the Super Highway within the jurisdiction of the Sachal police station.

The people can be seen shooting the buffalo with different weapons, including a Kalashnikov and a repeater. Police also claimed to have seized the weapons used in the shooting, saying that the people had submitted the licences of most of the weapons.

Police in the FIR stated that the owner of the buffalo did not hire proper butchers. Resultantly, the sacrificial animal started running in the streets of the housing society. As the people failed to control the animal, they started firing and ended up injuring it with bullet wounds.

The scene was captured in various mobile phones as the buffalo broke away from its tether, and, out of fear, started running out of control. Tired, the people who had brought it ran after the animal, brandishing their arsenal and started shooting rounds at it. The police said they identified these men using the footage and have arrested them.