Monday October 03, 2022

Beverages factory sealed in Tarnol

May 23, 2021

Islamabad: Magistrate Saddar-Zone, Mir Yamin on Saturday sealed a factory producing sub-standard carbonated drinks in the bottles of various popular brands during a raid at Paracha Town, an area in the jurisdiction of Tranol Police Station.

On the tip-off, a team of civil administration, comprising the volunteers of Tiger force raided the unit and caught the suspect red-handed.

Talking to the media, Yamin said the authority also discarded over 2500 bottles of prepared drink, to be supplied across the city.

The sample was taken for further legal action. Moreover, he said a huge quantity of empty bottles, fake labels, some gas cylinders, filling machine, mixing machine and chemicals were also seized. An FIR was registered against the factory owner, identified as Sarfraz Ahmed at Tarnol Police Station.

The civil administration continued taking indiscriminate action across the city, following directions of Deputy Commissioner Islamabad Hamza Shafqaat to ensure implementation of SOPs, he said.

Meanwhile, in another action, the magistrate sealed two restaurants at Tarnol area over violation of closure of commercial businesses at weekends (Saturday-Sunday).

The owners of both Zaman restaurant and Chakkian restaurant were shifted to the relevant police station.