Wednesday December 01, 2021

Nine countries appoint new ambassadors to Pakistan

January 11, 2021

ISLAMABAD: Nine important countries have appointed new ambassadors to Pakistan.

Their predecessors had left the country on completion of their tenure in Islamabad last year and the government has accorded consent for their appointment accordingly.

The countries which have designated new envoys for Pakistan are: Nepal (Tapas Adhikari), Belarus (Andrei Metdlitsa), South Korea (Sush Sangpyo), Cuba (Zener Javier), Mali (Dianguinadit Yaya Doucoure), Ireland (Ms Sonya McGuinness), Sierra Leone (Alie Kamara), Cambodia (Ung Sean) and Kosovo (Ilir Dugolli).

According to diplomatic sources, the envoys have submitted their documents to the Foreign Office to start their official working while they will present credentials to the head of state this month.

After that they would be able to officially resume their functions in the host country, including dealing with the affairs outside their respective missions.