Tuesday November 30, 2021

FBR rules out further extension in filing of IT returns

The FBR has clarified that the option for filing of online request would remain available

December 08, 2020

ISLAMABAD: Despite receiving less than 1.5 million returns, the FBR has ruled out the possibility of any further extension in filing the income tax returns. 

However, it granted permission to the respective chief commissioners to allow returns if someone seeks to file them after the expiry of due date on December 8, 2020.

“The FBR has received around 1.5 million tax returns so far,” a top official of the FBR confirmed to The News here on Monday. The FBR had received a total 2.9 million returns in the whole last fiscal year. The government considers that the second wave of Covid-19 pandemic was creating difficulties in the filing of increased number of returns.

The FBR’s announcement on Monday stated that no further general extension in date will be granted to file annual income tax returns after the last date i.e. December 8, 2020. Clarifying its earlier circular issued on December 4 and upon requests received from the Pakistan Tax Bar, various Chambers of Commerce & Industry, trade bodies and sections of the media to extend the last date for filing income tax returns, the FBR has facilitated the taxpayers by issuing directions to all IR field formations to establish Help Desks to receive manual requests for extension in filing tax returns.

The FBR has further clarified that one request for extension addressed to the chief commissioner Inland Revenue concerned could cover multiple taxpayers provided it contains taxpayers’ names, their CNIC/NTN and identification of jurisdiction.

The FBR has clarified that the option for filing of online request would remain available. All chief commissioners have been directed to grant extensions generously and submit a report on total extension requests received and granted by the chief commissioner to the FBR Headquarters by December 10, 2020.