Monday November 29, 2021

Anti-dengue campaign

August 30, 2020

Islamabad: District Health Officer (DHO) Dr Muhammad Zaeem Zia during his visit in different urban and rural areas of federal capital Islamabad has appealed to the people to remove rainwater from their house and shops to avoid spread of dengue.

DHO Saturday visited the areas of Humak, Rawat, Mohra Nagyal, Sihala, Niazian, Dhoke Awan, Alipur Farash and Tumair to monitor the situation in these localities.

He advised the residents of these localities to immediately remove rainwater from their houses and shops to avoid dengue. He said that anti-corona and anti-dengue measures are necessary to sustain a positive trend.

He said that till date TTQ DHO-ICT has sampled 28,913 cases/contacts. Out of total 15,578 COVID-19 positive cases, 3,753 samples were collected by TTQ. Total 16 cases were positive. All the 16 cases have been home isolated and their 200 contacts have been home quarantined, he said.