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PCST shares corona’s daily, weekly, fortnightly trends

April 10, 2020

ISLAMABAD: The Pakistan Council for Science and Technology (PCST) Thursday shared a breakup of the spread of the coronavirus in the country, showing an alarming increase in the confirmed cases, which doubled within a week.

The council has posted on its website daily, weekly and fortnightly break-up of laboratory tests, confirmed positive cases, new cases, percentage in increase, total deaths, new deaths, percentage of deaths, total recoveries, recoveries per day and percentage of increase in recoveries.

The biggest jump in confirmed cases was witnessed from March 18 to 24 and it was from 238 to 1,000 cases, showing an increase of 320 percent with 762 new cases, while tally of total deaths stood at seven with 19 recoveries.

During next week, from March 25-31, confirmed cases went up to 2,039 with a percentage of 104 and total deaths increased to 26, including 19 news deaths, registering 271 percent increase with 82 recoveries.

From April 01-07, the tally of new cases increased to 4,074, showing 100 percent increase and total deaths were 58, including 32 new deaths with 123 percent increase, and recoveries stood at 467.

The picture is quite alarming in terms of fortnightly equations and these are: from March 11-25, there were 1,102 confirmed cases with eight total deaths, and recoveries during this period were 21. However, from March 26 to April 08, confirmed cases shot up to 4,322 with the addition of 3,220 new cases with an increase percentage of 292. Likewise, total deaths reached 63 mark with 55 new deaths during this period, showing an increase of 688 percent.

However, recoveries also substantially increased to 572 patients. There were 3,287 confirmed cases on April 05, with 407 new cases and next day i.e. on April 06, these jumped to 3,864 cases with the addition of 577 new cases in single day.

The Council has formed a seven-member team recently, consisting of PCST Secretary Dr Muhammad Aslam Tahir, Dr Tariq Bashir, Engineer Farid Bakhtiar, Dr Bushra Arshad, Khalid Bhatti, Engineer Farhad Farid and Tanzeelur Rehman.