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Call to simplify procedure to help the needy

April 06, 2020

PESHAWAR: Terming the announcements about the provision of the relief package by the federal and provincial governments a complicated and lengthy procedure, the daily wagers, salesmen, small traders and private security guards feared that the prolonged lockdown would add to their woes.

In separate chats with The News, they asked the government to simplify the procedure and take practical steps to mitigate their sufferings. They complained that politicians showed up during the election campaigns but after getting elected they were nowhere to be seen. “We have been hearing announcements after the lockdown but the complicated registration procedure has disappointed us,” a daily wager said. Our children, who filled out online forms, were asked to get themselves registered with their respective districts, but the problems is that we have moved to Peshawar from Mardan, said a daily wager sitting at the Fawwara Chowk at the Peshawar cantonment.

Sher Alam, a mason by profession, said some shopkeepers had started hoarding after coming to know that the lockdown could be extended. He asked the government to take action against them. One Rahim and Jehanzeb said they were working as private security company and got Rs9,000 monthly, but now they were asked to quit.