Thursday December 02, 2021

Violence in India may engulf whole of Subcontinent, warns FM Qureshi

March 09, 2020

MULTAN: Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi urged the world leaders to stop Indian atrocities otherwise it will spread to the whole Subcontinent.

He slammed India for killing Muslims. The protests against Muslims’ genocide in India were being staged around the world, he added. Talking to media at the Timber Market Sunday after inauguration of newly-constructed road, he thanked the Bengalis for staging protests against the killing of Muslim population in India.

India was playing with world peace, Muslims and minorities were not safe there. The aggression and hatred against India was increasing across the globe, he added. The people of Bangladesh have expressed solidarity with the Indian Muslims and exposed India’s atrocities. The foreign minister said Delhi police were killing innocent Muslims on roads, burning mosques and their properties for the only reason that they are Muslims. This type of beginning is extremely shameful, which must be stopped and discouraged at all levels; otherwise it would destroy the world. The people in Bangladesh are protesting against Delhi riots. People in Afghanistan are protesting against Modi while the Turkish president and Iranian supreme leader have condemned Muslims genocide in India.

He said Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi was going to Europe on March 13 but members of the European Union have cancelled the visit, keeping in view the public protest against Modi. The entire Muslim world stands with oppressed Indian Muslims, he added. He termed the Afghan peace deal a golden opportunity to move towards peace. He underlined the need for promotion of intra-Afghan dialogue between the Afghan government and the Taliban. He said both the Taliban and Afghan government have denied their links to the recent attack on Abdullah Abdullah. Some forces were conspiring to sabotage peace treaty and they were planning killings in Afghanistan. He said Afghan President Ashraf Ghani was looking comfortable in releasing prisoners, it was a positive omen.

Pakistan wishes for the OIC role in the resolution of the Kashmir dispute, he added. The OIC envoy visited the country lately and was briefed on the current situation in Azad Kashmir and the LoC. The envoy would submit his report and findings before the OIC secretary general and Pakistan was expecting a meaningful role of OIC in resolution of Kashmir issue.

To a query, he said Pakistan has achieved a big goal of two years extension in GSP-Plus status. Qureshi ruled out in-house change in Punjab or Centre. The government has frozen the hike which was increasing rapidly and the inflation rate is going to reduce. Those who were criticising the PTI government were now appreciating its performance. US President Donald Trump praised Pakistan in New Delhi, he added. He said Pakistani students in China are completely safe.

To another query, he said the court had granted permission to former premier Nawaz Sharif for his medical treatment abroad keeping in view his health condition.

He said Nawaz was asked to keep informing government’s medical board about his treatment but he had not followed the instructions of the court. He said the government has informed the court and was waiting for court’s decision.

Qureshi said the creation of South Punjab province is the dream of the PTI government. A meeting was chaired by the Punjab chief minister and there was a consensus among all the allied political parties, MNAs and MPAs on making South Punjab province. However, the provincial capital could not be decided yet. He said during the meeting someone joked and proposed establishment of capital in Taunsa.

Some people desired making Bahawalpur capital and some in Multan. Qureshi said Prime Minister Imran Khan is convening the South Punjab province committee meeting next week.