Sunday February 05, 2023

Dharna chaos

November 20, 2019

Pakistan is country where the dharna culture is gaining strenth. Mob pressure is widening day by day. Meek politics asserts the ideology that dharnas are the solution of our everyday crises.This culture is very dangerous for the country. Dharnas impact businesses. Schools, college and universities suspend classes and examinations due to the chaos created by dharna parties. There are traffic jams on every road. Patients can't reach hospitals.

I request political parties to pressurise the government through dialogue and debates or other peaceful ways. The dharna culture is the solution of a problem but it gives birth to other problems which are not appreciated. To protest is the fundamental right of opposition parties in democratic countries but it is irrational and unreasonable to pressurise the government taking to the street. This aggressive and unconventional political culture breeds intolerance and insecurity in the country.

Mujeeb Ali Samo