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Parveen Shakir Urdu Literature Festival commences

April 27, 2019

Islamabad: The two-day long Parveen Shakir Urdu Literature Festival began on Friday with high adoration for the poetic journey of the very well-known poetess of the contemporary history of the Urdu literature. As many as nine sessions were conducted on the first day discussing many aspects of the Urdu literature.

It was great opportunity for a large audience to listen to many well-known literary figures from across the country that discussed their creative journey and participated in a nostalgia workshop. Four new books were also launched.

Organised by the Parveen Shakir Trust, the inaugural ceremony was chaired by Syeda Arifa Zehra. Speaking on the occasion, she said words are the living phenomenon that makes big difference in the grooming of society. So, the book culture and literary sittings play crucial role in awakening the inner sights of the people. Appreciating the literature and the services of the literary figures turns the society to a respectable place. The chairperson of the Parveen Shakir Trust, Parveen Qadir Agha said the literature is of the utmost importance just like dreams and creativity and is the honour and pride for the nation. Parveen Shakir Trust was established in the loving memory of the poetess 24 years back to keep her creative journey alive by promoting different type of new literature and the literary figures.

She said Parveen Shakir was the first woman who inspired large number of youth women to begin with their creative journey. She excelled and won several accolades for her works, not only for her poetry but for other fields as well such as bureaucracy, radio and TV programme hosting. Ms Agha also appreciated renowned short story writer Mazhar ul Islam for architecting and innovatively organising the festival.

Talking about the festival, Mazhar ul Islam said we need to develop a habit of remembering the creative souls who have left us for their eternal abode. Some friends of Perveen Shakir has developed an annual literature festival in her name, and this journey would continue. The friends and fans of some other late literary figures should also develop similar festivals in other cities too.

Dr Muhammad Awais Qarni for his book of short stories ‘Agli Baar’ (the next time) published in 2018.