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Basant violation of PTI’s manifesto: JI

By Our Correspondent
December 22, 2018

LAHORE: Jamaat-e-Islami Naib Ameer Hafiz Muhammad Idrees said Basant had always been a Hindu festival and in serious conflict with PTI electoral claim of building Pakistan a Madina-like state.

The Punjab government’s decision to allow Basant was not only a serious violation of the PTI manifesto but also amount to allowing bloodletting of innocent citizens, he said while delivering Friday sermon at Mansoora masjid.

He said the Lahore High Court imposed a ban on Basant which was an appreciable decision as resumption of kite-flying would inevitably cause deaths and injuries to scores of young men and children. He said if Basant was allowed, nobody would be able to check the evils related to it like firing in the air, waste of huge money, merry-making, wine and dance. He said it seemed that rulers cared neither for human lives nor the courts decisions. He appreciated Prime Minister Imran Khan’s phone call to the UN Secretary General for taking notice of Indian troops’ atrocities on Kashmiris.