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Guideline on how to buy organic food

October 05, 2017

Islamabad : ‘TheNetwork’ for Consumer Protection launched the first-ever shoppers guideline on ‘How to buy organic food’ in a ceremony held at a university campus here Wednesday, thereby joining 53 civil society organisations in 29 countries to commemorate ‘Green Action Week,’ which is being held observed from October 2-8, 2017

A large number of students and academic staff participated in the global campaign for organic food and farming for all. As part of the campaign, ‘TheNetwork’ has drawn the attention of the law, policy makers and consumers to promote the slowly catching concept in Pakistan that organic food is good for your health, environment, local community and economy.

It makes a difference for you, your children, the bees, the farmers, the trees and the rivers. It makes an important difference to our planet. ‘Organic Food and Farming For All’ is the Green Action Week theme for 2013-2017.

Highlighting the importance of organic food, Nadeem Iqbal, the executive coordinator of the network said, the idea is to promote the consumption of organic food, which is free from chemical fertilizers and pesticides and has greater nutritional value. “This isn’t just a fad, but rather a realization that getting closer to nature is in our interest. Increased awareness about impurities in the food we eat on a daily basis means that people are consciously switching to healthier options… or are trying to at least,” he stated.

Organic food is chemical-free. It is not grown from genetically-modified seeds (that cannot reproduce), nor is it drenched in chemical fertilizers and pesticides. “Consuming organic food protects from the array of diseases and health conditions that are caused by eating contaminated food…and that accounts for much of what we eat,” said Nadeem.

Speaking at the ceremony, Dr. Azhar Hussain, Director General and Dean of Pharmacy, Hamdard University, said the concept of organic food is getting popular in our country and it means that we are going back to the basics, but if we buy it from market, the prices are two times higher than other food.

So there is a need to create awareness about two things, what is organic food, and from where people can get it? The shoppers guideline is a good addition to literature available on organic food and Hamdard University will look forward to getting engaged with TN in future endeavours, he said. There is a need to develop more advocacy material on hazardous pesticide use and promotion of organic farming, and its wide dissemination to consumers and shoppers visiting markets, especially food sections.