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14th August: A day of gratitude and renewal of pledges

August 14, 2017

Establishment of Pakistan is the result of the great effort of the Muslims of the sub-continent against the British imperialism. This effort consists of 200 years. It is not only a blessing of Allah Almighty but also the fruit of a historical struggle and countless sacrifices. The country that came into being as a result of Pakistan Movement (that covers the period of scores of years), has completed 70 years of its freedom in spite of all challenges, dangers, conspiracies of enemies and weaknesses of its own people. We are grateful to Allah Almighty. 

The gift that was bestowed upon us on the 27th of Ramadan will exist and flourish Insha Allah. The objectives for which the Muslims of sub-continent struggled hard must be achieved. We should be thankful to Allah for this blessing. At the same time we should also consider the losses and gains impartially. What were the real aims of the Pakistan Movement? What were the idea and the vision for which the Muslims of sub-continent struggled? How much we are close or far from it? We should analyze our positive and negative aspects honestly. How can we get rid of our negativity? It is the need of the hour that we should know the genuine vision, its complete understanding, and concrete planning for its achievement and determination for an effective and decisive struggle with a new spirit.

We should keep in mind that the creation of Pakistan was not the result of the last seven years struggle of Pakistan movement only. But it is the fruit of the movement that covers the period of 200 years. This movement started when the British rulers arrived in sub-continent. We can notice three major stages of this movement.

First, to face the imperial rulers militarily and the restoration of the Muslim rule.

Second, the beginning of a political struggle. A struggle for political freedom all together with the other countrymen, in which Muslims could maintain their ideological, religious, political and cultural identity and could not be absorbed in non-Muslim majority. The development of the Two-Nation theory in comparison with the regional nationalism and the development of such a political system that could fulfil its requirements, could present an alternative paradigm of different nationalities of the state. It had become clear in 1938-39 that Indian National Congress which had remained under the control of Brahmans from the beginning to the ending, was not ready to accept this concept till today. Its aim was Hindu nationalism in the name of secularism. The govts that were made as a result of the elections held under the law of 1935, proved it practically.

The third stage of the movement of the Muslims was started in the same background. The Two-Nation theory was presented literally and practically as a new political destination of Muslims, namely the division of India and the establishment of Pakistan as an independent Islamic state. The movement of Pakistan had two indivisible and inseparable aspects. First was the political freedom and second was that the basis of this freedom was Islamic ideology, culture and civilisation. That’s why in order to understand the idea of Pakistan and the objectives, nature and identification of Pakistan Movement, it is necessary to study the following documents.

1 The presidential address of Allama Iqbal in 1930.

2 The Resolution of Lahore on 23rd March, 1940.

3 The presidential address of the Quaid-i-Azam, the resolution of the convention of the elected members of national and provincial assemblies on 7 April, 1947 and the speech of the Quaid-i-Azam.

4 The resolution of objectives was passed by the first elected constituent assembly on 3rd March, 1949 and the speeches of the PM Liaqat Ali Khan and the dignified members of assemblies which were a part of Pakistan Movement. (The movement of objectives is a summary of the ideology of Pakistan Movement and is a beginning and a part of the constitution of Pakistan.)

Six rules should be observed to make Pakistan an Islamic, democratic and welfare state in this background.

1 The complete and exact awareness of the idea of Pakistan and its true destination. The first and the foremost need of this vision is a total clarity and focus. It can determine our destination. It is our identity. The struggle for freedom was launched for the protection and development of this identity. Finally, the freedom was achieved. Millions of people sacrificed their lives, property and honour for this purpose. The Muslims that were left in India laid a great sacrifice for Islam and the freedom for their Muslim brothers when they decided to live under the domination of Hindus.

2 The achievement of a territory is necessary to protect the freedom and independence. That is why free nation and free territory are compulsory for each other. The first requirement of the national security is the defence of the national border. The defence of the country and ideology go side by side with the personality and identity. Military power as well as political, economic and moral power is necessary as a power of competition. It will be quite dangerous for our national security if we’ll show any weakness in it. It ensures the political and social stability, internal peace, protection from external dangers and the complete usage of the resources for the prosperity and the progress of the population.

3 The third requirement is the protection and the development of this vision, national security and interests. Fresh policies should be adopted in all fields of life. The plan of action should be fair and transparent.

4 Necessary institutions should be established and developed in order to get the aims and the benefits of these policies. If there will be the rule of law and the Constitution, then the institutions will be supreme and the responsibilities can be taken properly.

5 The basic requirement for the achievement of these aims is that groups of people should be prepared at institutional levels. Education is a key to it. When the whole population will make progress in the fields of education, morality and ability, then a nation will develop. By securing and strengthening the freedom and the identity, this progress can be made more fruitful. It has a role in shaping the society, environment, civilization and culture.

6 The last decisive requirement is the selection of the honest leadership, the system of accountability and consultation at every level.

These six points guarantee for the freedom, independence, stability and progress of a nation and a country. The root cause of all the problems of Pakistan is our negligence, weakness, contrast and contradiction about all the above mentioned points or rules. We followed these rules to some extent. We kept our existence and made progress because of these rules.

Pakistan has completed its seventy years. I would like to present the following important points before the nation for the progress of the country.

14th August is a day of celebration. We should be thankful to Allah Almighty that He has blessed us with freedom. We should try to lead our life according to the teachings of Islam individually as well as collectively.

14th August is a day of accountability for us. We should analyse whether we have fulfilled the promise that we have made with this nation and the country. If not, then who is responsible for it?

14th August is a day of the renewal of the pledges. We should consider our weaknesses and then promise again that we’ll compensate for our shortcomings of the past.