Monday September 20, 2021

PPPP seeks reply to disappearances in NA

January 10, 2017

ISLAMABAD: Expressing the concern on the increasing disappearances of political activists, scholars and bloggers in the last few days in the country, the Pakistan People’s Party Parliamentarians has submitted a calling attention notice in the National Assembly Secretariat to seek the response from the government on the disappearances.

The legislators of the PPP Parliamentarians Syed Naveed Qamar, Dr Nafisa Shah, Dr Azra Fazal and Shazia Atta Mari in the National Assembly secretariat while inviting the attention of Minister for Interior to the disappearance of poet, Social activist and an academic Salman Haider, causing  grave concern among public.

Through the calling attention, the legislators of the PPP Parliamentarians stated that poet, Social activist and an academic Salman Haider missing from Islamabad since Friday but the law enforcing have not been able to trace him or to provide satisfactory answer on the serious incident.

“It is highly concerning that activist and intellectuals from other parts of the country also gone missing in last one week,” they stated. The Calling attention notice stated that the pattern of these disappearance suggest that it is a planned and coordinated action under taken to silence voice which are critical of prevalent socio-political issue in Pakistan. “This is a serious matter and needs immediate response from the government,” the calling attention notice stated.