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Criminal gang involved in Amjad Sabri’s killing

August 02, 2016

KARACHI: Renowned Qawwal Amjad Sabri was killed by a group comprising members of a banned ‘Sunni’ sectarian outfit and a political party of Karachi for not paying them extortion.

Two members of the said group who assigned the killers have been arrested by a special unit of Karachi police and efforts are on to arrest the real killers, police sources confided to The News.

Though the police have denied making any arrest and declared it a blind murder case, well-placed sources confirmed that the police had arrested two members of the group who had confirmed the murder plan.

They said the real culprits would be arrested soon and the whole plan would be made public. Earlier, it was claimed that Imran Siddiqui, a worker of a political party and an employee of District Municipal Corporation, was arrested from Surjani Town who confessed to killing Sabri and also revealed the names of his accomplices.

The police sources confirmed that Siddiqui was arrested in another case but it was misreported that he was involved in Sabri’s murder and that he had confessed to the crime. According to the sources some workers of a political party of Karachi and a banned sectarian outfit had formed a gang on their own to commit crimes and make money apart from the activities of their original organizations. This group had threatened Amjad Sabri and demanded Rs50 million extortion and after refusal they killed.