Friday September 29, 2023

Wapda engineers say they are entitled to get power units

By Our Correspondent
August 30, 2023

LAHORE: Welfare Association of Wapda Engineers (WAWE) has dispelled the false propaganda campaign launched against electricity supply facility provided to the employees of power sector.

The spokesperson said it is being portrayed that high electricity bills of general consumers are due to facility granted by power companies to their employees. This is merely a misconception and there is nothing like free electricity, he said and added the poer companies allow facility of limited electricity units to their employees as per terms of the employment contract. He claimed these companies paid electricity bills to the government on behalf of its employees and the employees also paid income tax on highest rates for each electricity unit consumed. Hence, the power sector companies do not put any burden on general consumer in any shape, he claimed. He further clarified that power companies - Wapda, NTDC and DISCOs - are not responsible for high electricity tariff. He said Wapda produced the cheapest clean energy through its Hydel Power Stations. High electricity tariff is just due to high electricity productions cost by IPPs. DISCOs send bills to the consumers as per rates approved by govt through NEPRA.