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As long as he is on the position: No action can be taken against president: info minister

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August 24, 2023

ISLAMABAD: Caretaker Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting Murtaza Solangi Wednesday said that until the president is on the post, no action can be taken against him.

Talking in Geo News programme Geo Pakistan, the caretaker information minister said that the day President Arif Alvi tweeted, the interim government clarified its position that until the president is on his position, no action can be taken against him.

Solangi reiterated that the interim dispensation had “no political friends and no political enemies”. He said all the political parties had the freedom to present their viewpoint.

“Criticism is their democratic right, we cannot take this right from them. We are not in favour or against any political party,” Murtaza Solangi said.

The minister said the caretaker government had no intention to interfere in any activity under the Constitution and law of the country.

“If the Constitution, law, and courts take any action against someone, the government cannot stop the process. The Election Commission of Pakistan is a constitutional body which has the responsibility to conduct free, transparent, and impartial elections. We will abide by our oath, we cannot think of violating it at any stage.”

The government had no news of hopelessness and there should not be suspicion of breach of promise, he added.

“The Election Commission has released the full schedule on its website,” Solangi said. “Under the Election Act, political parties will have to be given 54 days for election campaign.”

The minister said Pakistan is a democratic country and people enjoy freedom of expression. “It is the responsibility of the government to ensure good governance.”

The minister said that inflation was a reality, and the government was aware of people’s problems. He said that no country could afford to buy expensive oil and sell it at cheaper rates. “We will stabilise the economy, and people’s money will not be wasted. Each member of the 16-member cabinet is an expert in his field,” Solangi remarked.

“The president of the state has a prominent position in the system. He is also a part of parliament under the Constitution and the government respects his position.”

To a question, he said the caretaker prime minister was continuously informed about the progress of Battagram chairlift incident.

To another question, he said the Jaranwala incident was the result of intolerance and it was necessary to eradicate this curse from the society.

“Parents, educational institutions, including seminaries, media, courts, administration and government, have to play their role in promoting the culture of tolerance and inter-faith harmony,” he opined.

The caretaker minister for information hoped that Allah Almighty would enable them to lead and steer the nation during the interim period.

He said in this short period and polarised environment, the caretaker government would try its best to differentiate between politics and law. He said they will not support any specific political party, adding, state institutions are free to take decisions and interim government would ensure the holding of upcoming general elections most transparently and impartially, which will be accepted by all.

To a question, he said the government believed in the supremacy of law and Constitution and it had nothing to do with the arrest of any political party worker.