Thursday November 30, 2023

Govt issues framework to expand IT, telecom sectors

June 13, 2023

ISLAMABAD: The government has issued a framework to formulate new policy for the expansion of IT and telecom sectors all over the country, for which all the stakeholders have been asked to submit recommendations till June 30.

According to the policy available with daily Jang/The News, prominent changes have been made in the policy framework for the expansion of IT and telecom sectors all over the country. It has been revealed in the policy that a unique opportunity of taking advantage from the digital barriers can be availed by providing education to the interested youths, which might put the nation on the path of progress.

Making lives of citizens better represents the next level of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Technical opportunities and it is widely believed that gathering, processing and use of data from the AI sources and its exchange will take the whole society to this path.

The next phase of its development is unparalleled and for this there is a dire need of progressive approach. After the extensive analysis of the global viewpoint and on the basis of evidences collected from more resources, it could be said the IT and Telecom Ministry should consult all the stakeholders as there is a dire to need to devise a roadmap to make it better, faster and responsible.

The AI’s policy documents have been presented to get long term and durable benefits as the policy documents present a wide range of progressive steps for awareness.