Monday December 04, 2023

To protect Constitution, judiciary: PTI to reach out to other parties, says Qureshi

April 02, 2023

ISLAMABAD: Shah Mehmood Qureshi, Vice-Chairman of the Pakistan Tehreek Insaf, on Saturday emphasised the importance of uniting all the democratic political parties to protect the Constitution and judiciary’s independence. He urged joint efforts to counter any unconstitutional actions taken by the PDM. Qureshi held a meeting with MWM leader Allama Raja Nasir Abbas to discuss the current political situation in the country and find a workable solution to overcome the problems created by the government.

Later, along with Allama Nasir Abbas he told a presser that considering the current uncertain political situation, the PTI had decided to engage other political forces. He said they had agreed to work together to ensure the supremacy of the Constitution and judiciary’s independence and autonomy.

Qureshi said the PTI would continue to strive for the rule of law and Constitution’s supremacy and plans to hold meetings with other political parties.

He criticised the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) for violating the Constitution by setting the election date for October 8. He showed his surprise that the government had funds for the laptop scheme and MNAs but not the Rs20 billion required to hold elections and address the uncertain political situation.

Qureshi accused Nawaz Sharif of undermining the Constitution by threatening not to accept the Supreme Court’s decision on elections. He claimed that the people of Pakistan stood with the Chief Justice of Pakistan. MWM leader Allama Raja Nasir Abbas emphasised that the issue of the Constitution’s supremacy is not limited to any one party but is a problem for Pakistan.

He clarified that holding elections within 90 days was a constitutional requirement, and the confusion surrounding the matter needed to be addressed. Abbas insisted that the people of Pakistan would not tolerate any violations of the Constitution and questioned why those who once spoke about respecting the vote were now afraid to go to the people’s court. He claimed that the current government had lost public support and reputation as it was brought into the country under false pretenses.