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New grading system for matric, inter levels being introduced

By Syed Muhammad Askari
November 24, 2022

KARACHI: A new 10 point grading system is being introduced at the matric and inter levels across the country, under which the passing marks will be increased from 33% to 40%, while the grade of failure (F) will be removed.

While U grade (unsatisfied grade) is being introduced by abolishing fail F grade. Similarly, A plus 96 to 100, A plus 91 to 95, and 86 to 90 are being graded A. So that the gap between A grade 100 and 80 percent can be eliminated.

The approval of this ten point system grading will be approved at the All Education Board Heads’ meeting (IBCC) across the country, which will be held today (Thursday) in Lahore. Chairman HEC Dr. Mukhtar has also been specially invited to attend the meeting. In the meeting, 81 to 85 percent marks will be approved as B plus and 76 to 81 marks will be graded B.

Similarly, students of matriculation and inter will be considered to give University style Grading Point Average (GPA) instead of marks. It will also be approved in the meeting that matric and inter exams will be held in April and May and the results will be announced by August.