By A. Akmal
Tue, 10, 20

Returning to work post-lockdown? This week You! offers a style guide for your office attire to get your groove back to work…


When it comes to office dressing, there’s not a lot of excitement one can conjure up. You can chalk it up to formal dress codes, the general disenchantment with the idea of getting dressed to sit in one place, or just the fact you might have to rise early. But now that we are returning or in the process of returning to work, getting the right work outfit might just be what you need to get back in the groove.

But fret not, just because you are dressing for work, does not mean you cannot be comfortable. The fact you would be spending most of your day at the office, you should wear something that offers comfort. It’s challenging to beat the heat while still maintaining an appropriate appearance for work, but we’ve got you covered. Whether your job is ultra-corporate or incredibly creative, this week You! offers a style guide for office wear to make work exciting again…

Wide-leg pants for the win

Whether cropped, wide-leg, straight or slim, pants are an excellent choice for women who must adhere to a business casual dress code. When selecting pants for the office, just choose a pair of smart trousers in a neutral shade, like black or tan. While a dark hue is the safest to wear, one can get tired of it pretty quickly. It’s a nice idea to opt for something lighter for the hot weather. When it comes to fabrication, selecting a pair with a little stretch will ensure maximum comfort when sitting down. Alternatively, you can opt for a wide-leg option which is a perfect choice for the heat of the summer. (Yes, we know fall is around the corner but it’s still scorching in Karachi.)

Tops of florals and pastels

When picking a shirt for a business casual outfit, a simple floral pattern or a solid hue always work best. Keeping the hot and humid weather in mind, pastels and cool colours will be a refreshing touch to your attire. However, you don’t have to keep your outfit completely simple, you can definitely work with playing with the cuts. You can try laces for your neckline and even tassels. Long fitted-sleeves are not only formal but also allow for more room for designing – add a white cotton lace for some oomph – but bell sleeves are now also a favourite as they are more freeing. For fabric, it’s advisable to pick something along the lines of lawn or linen, something that is flowy and breezy. We don’t recommend silk as it can be a pain when the humidity hits. Other than that, feel free to experiment with pops of pastels and jewel tones as well as subtle prints. Just add classic trousers or a skirt to balance any loud colours or patterns.

Suit up with elegance

If you are the kind who likes to wear suits rather than separates, there are some excellent outfit choices for summer business casual attire. In particular, look out for collections that feature light colours and garments in light and breathable materials, such as cotton, linen, and lawn are ideal for warm weather. Recently, Sania Maskatiya came out with its collection ‘Essentials’ which is an ode to the brand’s signature cuts and craftsmanship, in beautiful hues designed for day-to-day essential wearability and comfort as fashion staples. This is its first set of limited-edition lawn, cotton and cotton eyelet designs. The best part about such collections is that they are versatile and you can choose to wear it as a suit or pair it with something else from your wardrobe.

The 9-to-5 makeover

Your office look is as impactful as your evening event cat-eye. For your office makeup, your goal is to enhance your natural features, not overshadow them. First off, cleanse your face and moisturise. Since you will be wearing the makeup all day, make sure you don’t wear something too heavy. Use a sheer foundation or a BB-cream or just a concealer. Use a loose setting powder and a mist to set your face – this will help make you look fresh 9-to-5. For the eyes, a basic liner, paired with a hint of blush and a nude pink will be all you need in the morning. If you feel experimental, you can do a quick smokey by smudging out your liner by using a little bronze shimmer shadow.

Accessorise to impress

Deciphering dress codes can be tricky. Some places allow you to experiment fully with your wardrobe, whereas some places frown upon them. For jewellery, hoops and studs paired with a pendant are a classic. They are easy to wear and are accentuated with simple and formal outfits. If you are the kind that loves colour, you can do so with your accessories, if not your outfit. A jewel toned bag with matching shoes is the best way to make a statement. Moreover, the best ornament you can have is your confidence. Whatever you wear, carry it with the confidence of a CEO!

Outfits: Sania Maskatiya